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Shoppers Drug Mart haul & mini product reviews- 28/09/13

Shoppers Drug Mart Haul - September 2013

Hey Ladies!

I did a bit of shopping tonight, just picked up a couple products that are new to the drugstore near me, some of them I've been dying to find for ages now, a lot aren't new to stores but we always seem to be late getting the good stuff, hah.

Covergirl Lip Perfection jumbo gloss balm
 I LOVE THESE! haha If I'm going to keep it real I should probably tell you that I bought Watermelon Twist, went home, put it on & felt obliged to go right back to the store & get another one, haha (don't judge me!) I eventually want to own every single one of these! While I'm usually not a fan of pencil lipbalm/glosses these are super glossy and surprisingly pigmented, thoroughly enjoy that they twist up rather than sharpen as well. I put watermelon twist on & did a double take because I was shocked at how pigmented it was on my lips in just one application. You can definitely layer these to get a very vibrant color pay off. There isn't much of a scent with these, maybe a very very mild waxy smell, not noticeable.

#215 Coral Twist

#235 Watermelon Twist
(I smooshed this one taking the cover off. Oops)

(Watermelon Twist - Coral Twist)

Essence Stay Matt lip cream
I haven't tried these on my lips yet but I love me a good matte lip, & I've loved pretty much every Essence lip gloss I've tried so far so I have a feeling these will be great. After swatching them I can just tell they're super pigmented and going to be long lasting (maybe even stain). And they smell super sweet, kinda like vanilla icing.

#01 Velvet Rose
Looks kind of orange/nude in the pictures but it is more of a pinky/dusty rose/nude in person.

#02 Smooth Berry
At the store this looked liked it was going to be a super hot pink, but when I swatched it at home it's boarder-lining on red.

(Smooth Berry - Velvet Rose)

Nivea Lip Butter - Vanilla & Macadamia
Love love love this! I've seen these in a lot of favorites videos on YouTube & have been trying for ages to find them & finally found this one tonight. I think they come in more flavors which I would love to have but I was lucky to find this one. They are super moisturizing and smells great. It leaves your lips feeling so smooth & lovely. Usually don't lip products I have to use my finger to apply, but for this one I'm willing to make the exception. It has a scent like the title 'vanilla & macadamia', I can smell both the vanilla & nuts for sure, although it isn't overly strong.

Carmex Lip Ointment

Been hearing about Carmex for years, so many people consider it to be their holy grail & I have to agree, it is great. It reminds me a lot of Blistex, including the medicinal scent it has. This isn't a lip balm I'd use daily because it's medicated, thick and has that scent but during seasons or times where I feel like my lips really need a good treatment this will definitely be my go-to. I noticed at the store that it also comes in a little jar (again like Blistex) but I opted for this one so I don't have to use my finger, but I believe both products are the same.

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro
I have quite a few of the original Baby Lips in my collection, I think it's the packaging that keeps getting me because I rarely find myself using them, hah I'm a sucker for cute packaging, it's sad. But since I've gotten these Electro ones I use them all the time, they are way better than the originals, more moisturizing and better color pay off, I want the whole collection. Even though I don't think it should be $5.99 for what is essentially just a lip balm. These kinda have a mild fruity scent, nothing strong or offensive.



Bella Earrings
Earrings are definitely something that I don't need more of but I couldn't pass these up. I love triangular/geometric style of these. $12.99 is kind of a bit much in my opinion for 'costume jewelry' but they're hypoallergenic which is great because I usually have a reaction to fake metals, especially in earrings & bracelets.

Softsoap Tropical Acai Berry moisturizing body wash
with moisture beads

I absolutely love Softsoap body wash and this scent is no different. It smells so amazing, it almost rivals my #1 favorite their pomegranate & mango one. I find that they always smell amazing, lather well, and leave your skin smelling & feeling amazing.


Dasani Drops
I love to drink water but hate drinking plain water, and apparently it IS possible to drink too much vitamin water (who knew? not me, hah). So, I've been trying a lot of these new 'liquid flavor inhancers' it seems like every company in the world is coming out with them. But these Dasani ones are by far my favorite! The pink lemonade one has even converted my boyfriend into a water drinker, someone who only used to drink coffee and soda. I definitely recommend trying them!

Hope you enjoyed!

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