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Hard Candy New & Discontinued Products

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I'm sure you're all familiar with the brand Hard Candy (sold at Walmart)
They have some really great products that I've absolutely fallen in love with over the last few years. I have quite a Hard Candy collection going. Well, they recently announced that they are discontinuing a lot of products, and bringing in a load more. Wanted to make this post in case you're a Hard Candy fan like me & want to stock up, or if you're new to the brand & want to try some of their best sellers before they are gone for good. I am super sad about some of the products being discontinued because they haven't even made it to the Walmarts near me (ie, Fox In A Box Blushes, Show Girl's Secret glitter adhesive)

Products being discontinued:
Nobody's Perfect (Concealer palette)
Undercover Agent (Undereye brightener & concealer duo)
Hide & Glow Cheek (Cheek tint duos)
Glow Away (Bronzer & highlighter duos)
Fox in A Box (Bronzing duos/ blushing quads)
Welcome Matte (Mattifying translucent pressed powder)
Moon Glow (Illuminating translucent pressed powder)

Big Curls Don't Cry (Waterproof mascara)
Curl Up & Dye (Curling mascara)
Glitteratzi (Eye glitter gel)
Split Personality (Duo eyeshadow pens)
Walk the Line with Growth Serum (Liquid liner)

World Balmination (Glossy tinted lip balm)
Mouthing Off (Sheer lip shine)
PlexiGloss (Lip gloss tubes)
Visibly Wet (Jumbo lip pencil)

Show Girl (Body glitter)
Show Girl's Secret  (Glitter adhesive and brush)

Just Nails (Nail Polish with ring)
Mini Must Have Kits (Kits with mini sized products)

New Products launching Spring 2013
Pictures of all of the new products can be found here.

CC Correction cream SPF15 - $8 each
Shades- Light, Fair, Medium, Dark
(Their take on a BB Cream)

Shadowholic 12 Hour Waterproof eye crayons - $5 each
Golden Rule (Gold)
Camel Back (Taupe/brown)
Purple Rain (Electric purple)
Mirror Mirror (Creamy white)
After Dusk (Electric blue)
Cats Eye (Green)
Pink Lady (Hot Pink)
Cloud 9 (Bright blue)
After Hours (Plum)

Shadow Dancers Liquid to powder eyeshadows - $6 each
Movers & Shakers (Baby blue & light olive green)
Bold & Beautiful (Neon orange & blue toned pink)
Head to Toe (Gold & light cream)
Rock & Roll (Light grey & Cream)
Dusk & Dawn (Bright blue & pale pink)
Gossip & Rumor (Neon coral & black)
Gold Digger (Gold & light golden yellow)
Night & Day (Navy & light blue)

All Lid Up Cream eyeshadows - $6
Clam Bake (Creamy white)
Feeling Rosy (Creamy rose pink)
Midas Touch (Yellow/gold)
Title Wave (Bright blue)
Sky Dive (Cobalt blue)
Pining 4 You (Olive green)
Quick Sand (Pinky nude)
Purple Heart (Bright purple)
Wine Not (Plum/pink)
Stepping Stones (Silver grey)

Poppin Pigments loose eyeshadows - $6 each
War & Peace (deep purple & light pink)
Sugar & Spice (bubblegum pink & baby blue)
Salt & Pepper (shimmery black & pearly white)
Dare & Truth (navy blue & gold)
Thunder & Lightening (medium blue & cream white)
Kiss & Tell (blue & white)
Golden Pancakes (brown & orange/coral)
Froggy Kisses (hot pink & olive green)

Lip Def - $6 each
Red Stiletto (Red)
Night Owl (Brown-ish orange)
Plum Show (Light plum)
Bashful (Baby pink)
7 Digits (Light coral)
Man Catcher (Barbie Pink)
Scandalous (Orange)
Midnight Strole (Purple)
Rated R (Deep pink)
Madison Ave (Nude)

All Glossed Up lip crayons - $5 each
Cupcake (Baby pink)
Pout (Plum)
Red Minx (Hot red)
Mauveous (Mauve)
Orange You Sweet (Bright orange)
Chic (Coral)
Love Bite (Purple)
Vintage (Brown-ish)

Nail Polish:
45 new polishes! 5 collections, 9 shades in each. $3.97 each polish.

Gliterrazi collection-
Sparkle City
Sparked Up
Party Lights
Tinsel Town
Glamour Girl
Fire Flash
Mermaid Magic
So So Sequin
Glitter Jam

Candy Sprinkles collection-
Gummy Green
Jelly Bean Blue
Cotton Candy Pink
Sugar Rush
Peach Pop
Cocoa Smore
Pixie Pink
Pink Taffy
Sweet Tooth

Crystal Confetti collection-
Celebrate Sequins
Hip Hip Hooray
Fun 'N Festive
Black Tie Optional
Birthday Bash
Party Central

Itsy Glitzy collection-
Bitty Blue
Pee Wee Purple
Lil Lilac
Teeny Greeny
Shot of Lemon
Little Hottie
Pinch of Spice
Little Bo Pink
Piece of Papaya

Crushed Chrome collection-
Crush on Lava
Crush on Ivy
Crush on Raisin
Crush on Tin
Crush on Carribean
Crush on Amethyst
Crush on Copper
Crush on Pink
Crush on Gold

I'm so terribly excited for the new product launch! Especially the purple lip products & all of the new types of shadows!


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