Sunday, 24 February 2013

Oscars 2013 - Best & Worst Dressed

Hi Loves!

Did you watch the Oscars? I'm writing this as I watch. So far I've seen so many amazing outfits, and some I was a bit disappointed in. Here are my thoughts on best & worst dressed for Oscars 2013.

Best Dressed:

Naomi Watts
I absolutely adore this dress, and that she went minimal on the accessories because there is already so much going on with the dress. Love that the hair is up also, I feel if she left it down there would just be too much happening.
Wearing: Armani Privé

Charlize Theron
I'm obsessed! She looks absolutely phenomenal! Definitely working that short hair (cut for a role), she is perfection.
Wearing: Christian Dior Haute Couture dress, Roger Vivier shoes, and Harry Winston jewelry.
Salma Hayek
Love this! The high gold neck looks fabulous with the gold clutch and peeking tiara tying it all together. Glad she had her hair up, if it had be left down I feel like I would have hated this whole outfit.
Wearing: Alexander McQueen

Worst Dressed:

Jennifer Aniston
I had no expectations for her having her hair up because she ALWAYS wears her hair down like this, I wish she would have worn it up for a change. Not a fan of the dress, there's just too plain & red on the red carpet rarely looks nice.
Wearing:  Valentino dress and a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch

Melissa McCarthy
This dress has so much potential, but it's just very ill fitting. If it was tailored a bit better I feel like she would have looked amazing.
Wearing: David Meister

 Brandi Glanville
What is she thinking!? This is just far too revealing for such a classy event. It just looks like the top of the dress is too small for her, as if it's falling down. I don't even mind the plunging neckline, but if the top was a bit higher, and closer together I think this gown would have been lovely. A wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen?
Wearing: Dressed she designed herself and a Jeffrey Daniels Unique Designs diamond choker.

Who did you love, and dislike on the red carpet this year?


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