Saturday, 23 November 2013


Some of you may know my amazing friend Lana (she owns Suicide By Makeup)
Well after 6 intense weeks of strict hospital ridden bed rest gave birth to her precious baby Pumpkin Ivee at 23.5 weeks gestation. Baby is at a hospital 3 hours away so Lana and Nathan(daddy) need to relocate closer to their baby, their aunt set up this link to accept donations to help them get through this trying time without any additional stress and worry! Any amount will help and be incredibly appreciated!
Lana is amazing and deserves to be close to her baby until she is ready to go home ♥ And if you can't donate prayers are definitely welcome and appreciated as well :)

Let's help these beautiful new parents and their gorgeous baby girl! ♥
Feel free to share this and help spread the love! xoxo

Click here to donate & leave a message for the family

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