Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tick:Tock Cosmetics- Review

Tick:Tock Cosmetics - Our colors are rockin' around the clock!

I received an order from this company about 2 weeks ago, but I was super sick when I got it so as much as I couldn't roll around in them, like I wanted too!
Tick:Tock is owned by 2 girls named Tiffany & Elizabeth, very sweet girls. Tiffany actually sent me a birthday card with my order, & best of all it was a Hello Kitty card WITH STICKERS! how amazing is that, that is above and beyond 'good customers service'!
Right now you can find Tick:Tock on facebook & at their shop (all links will be below), they have 14 100% vegan colors available. I have had a chance to play around with my colors a bit, and they are sooo gorgeous, I really do love them all. They are all very light, smooth, & blendable. Look great wet, dry, foiled, any way you can imagine to use them!

Two-Timing (red)
Hourglass (peachy)
Sundial (yellow)
Oh-Nine-Hundred (green)
Cuckoo (light teal) -one of my very favourites!
Big Ben (blue)
Salvador Dali (purple)
Alarm Clock (light pink)
Metronome (shimmery white)
Time Square (sparkly silver/grey with a hint of blue) -my favourite!!
High Noon (light tan)
Pocket Watch (gold)
Grandfather Clock (dark coppery brown)
Digital (black)
(I will post swatches soon, I have the swatches on my arm right now, but my camera is dead apparently -_-)

Their prices are super reasonable, especially with all of their deals and specials they have going on, they also post discount codes too.
$15 for 3 full sized + 1 free sample
$25 for 6 full sized + 2 free samples
$3 for 3 samples
$6 for 7 samples
$10 for all 14 colors + free shipping
$5.50 per 5g jar with sifter
$10 for Mystery Grab Bag of 3 5g jars
$50 for all 14 colors in 5g jars + free shipping
$5 shipping

This is what my package looked like when I opened it! A big envelope of LOVE! <3

You can find Tick:Tick at the following links:
Facebook (makeup artistry page)-

If you have any questions about anything, let me know in the comments & I can update it in this post! <3


Update, June 18: Since I posted this review Tick Tock has released a blog post about which colors are approved as lip safe, quite a cute little post too! Love the little monsters! haha! <3

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  1. The Hello Kitty card is so cute! Everything looks great! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award, details are on my blog :)