Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bad Hair Gone Good

Hi Loves!

Oh no! Did you sleep in? Late for work or school with no time to shower? Hair looking like a oily mess?
    I don't think there is anything I hate more than going out in public looking like a hot mess, & I'm sure most people feel the same way. Wellll now you don't have to! I have a super easy way to spruce up those oily locks with no time to shower!
This is something that I have been doing while in a pinch for a few months now, & it has been working wonders. But boy do I wish I thought of this in high school, it would have saved me a lot of days of being late for class.

For this you will just need 4 things:
- Baby powder (or lately I have been using a finishing veil/setting powder
Sweet Treat Cosmetics 'Confectionery Powder' ($5 - 10gram jar)
- Large Powder Brush (I  use the $1 Elf total face brush. It's $1 & I think it's too rough & feels terrible on my skin)
- Any hair brush
- Plate, bowl, or anything you can dump the powder on

Now, for the very simple process, that will clean up your look in 2 minutes or less!
- Brush out your hair, get all of those bedhead knots out
- Pour a small amount of powder on to your plate
- Dip your large powder brush into the powder (do not shake of excess powder)
- Buff the powder in to your roots (your roots may look a bit white, but that's okay)
- Do this for any sections of your hair where your roots will be exposed after styling, or any places where you want a little extra 'umph!'
- Once you're finished with the powder, gently brush out your hair & style it however you wish.
 Voila! You're no longer a hot mess! :)

Why does this work? This works because that powder is absorbing, and mattifying any excess oil percent.
I know some of you are thinking "isn't this what dry shampoo is for?" Well in my experience dry shampoo doesn't take away the shine being caused by the oil, & I haven't found that dry shampoo works as well as this method. If you have found a dry shampoo that gives your limp locks nice volume, use the powder method after you use the shampoo.

ps; you can find Sweet Treat Cosmetcs at:


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