Thursday, 21 February 2013

Trip to Walmart & Dollarama

Hi Loves

Yesterday my momma & I took a little trip to Walmart & Dollarama while waiting for my mom's doctors appointment. Snapped a few pictures of the adventure of things that caught my eye.

Hard Candy sells pants now? o.O
I had no idea they sold clothes, and up until Christmas I had no idea they sold bath & body products either. I got a huge bath set by them from my boyfriend with bath salts, shower gel, body spray, body scrub, & a loofah, it's actually a really nice set.
ps; the pants come with a lipgloss sample. That's .. different? hah
Have you seen their clothing line before? Is it a new thing?

Revlon came out with some new nail art duo pen/things. One end is a nail polish the other end is glitter polish for nail art. I was a bit intrigued by these but for $7.46 a pop I could easily just buy a couple polishes and glitter that serve the same purpose but have a lot more product, so I passed on these. From what I hear Forever21 has things that are pretty much the same concept but only $3.99.
Have you tried these/the Forever21 version?

Dollarama had new ELF things! They usually only carry the lash curlers and a couple brushes but this time they had new brushes, liquid liner & pencil liner. They are all at least $1.50 though which is annoying since they are only $1 on the ELF website, but that's Canadian dollar stores for you, nothing is every really only $1! *sad face* lucky Americans.
I got 2 of the liquid liners, swatched it when I got home it actually seems pretty nice, I like the firm felt tip.

Oh strange looking little cactus, I regret not getting you. Came across these little gems in the summer section they're starting to put out but couldn't decide if I thought it was worth the $13 because I would probably end up killing it anyway (even though the sticker clearly states that you don't really have to do anything with it)
And those little "rocks" in the pot, were like plastic & all glued together? That confused me :/ But I thought they were so strange looking & I love that haha, definitely getting one next time.

Casually waiting foreverrrrr in line at Walmart, 1/2 an OOTD? hah
Studded flats (even though there is snow on the ground, but yesterday it was just sooo nice outside!) & cobalt blue skinnies (love!). Leopard scarf peeking in. Not pictured: Black racerback tank & white cropped leather jacket.

That's all for this trip folks :)
I'll try to remember to take some more pictures next time!


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