Monday, 14 March 2011

Alexeter Mineral Makeup- Swatches

Hi Ladies!
These are the swatches of my Alexeter Mineral Makeup, as promised! :)
I apologize in advance that the picture isn't the best quality, but it does show the colors well, if you have any questions about a specific color just let me know in the comments section!
I loved all of the colors, they blended like a dream, which makes it is very hard to pick a favorite but if I absolutely had to I would probably choose Princess Cupcake(9), Oro(11) or Coral Burst(3). Check out my review for more information about the colors and company!
You can find their products and more pictures of their makeup at:

1. Golden Harvest
2. Bling-N-Blue
3. Coral Burst
4. White Heather
5. Mel Bell
6. Eos
7. K.O Kare
8. Deep Kiss
9. Princess Cupcake
10. Forbodden
11. Oro
12. Naughty Sarah
13. Abby Grem-Lynn
14. Enchanting June
15. Das Blue


1 comment:

  1. Great colors! Thanks for swatching, very highly pigmented me likey! LOL ;) Great blog, following you!!
    ~Chrissy :)