Thursday, 24 March 2011

Feather Extensions Review -MegsThreadsNYC

Hey Ladies!
I recently got a package in the mail from Megs Threads NYC on Etsy, and in it was some lovely feather extensions! Included was threaders, micro beads (clips), the feathers, step by step instructions and also a nice personal message from Meg with a coupon code for 10% off your purchase before April 1st! I posted the coupon code on the wall of my Facebook page when I recieved it because in an email Meg ever so kindly told me that I could share it with my great followers, in case you missed it on my page the code is MEGDISCOUNT10  :)
I decided to put in 5 pieces when I got them (4 days ago), 2 white/black striped, 1 pink/black striped, 1 solid grey, and 1solid white. Those colors are very bold, and noticeable but if you want to go for a more natural, subtle look that is also an option, there is a light tan natural colored set. These are real feathers so because of that you can do to them pretty much whatever you do to your natural hair, the only thing I don't recommend it teasing them, just leave that small section out when you're doing the rest of your hair.  I have washed, blowdried and straightened them since I put them in, and there has been no damage what-so-ever, they are just a fresh as the day I got them. Also, at the moment I have red hair, and anyone with brightly color hair knows that when you wash it color tends to come out in the water/soap, so I was a bit afraid that my white extensions were going to turn pink but to my amazement they are still perfect!
They are $20usd & shipping is only $1 for US and $4 everywhere else, which is a great deal considering I have seen them other places for almost $50!
The color packs available are light tan natural, blue mix, orange mix, yellow mix, hot pink mix, green mix, purple mix, deep red mix, and a rare grizzly mix (which are $23).
Each pack you order includes: 6 dark brown micro beads, 10 feathers, and 1 wire threader.

These are the micro beads & wire threaders
These are the step-by-step instructions that were included with the set:
1. Grab a small amount of hair to thread through the clip
2. Fold the wire threader around the small amount of hair
3. String the ends of the wire threader through the clip
4. Then pull the ends of the threader, and the hair will feed through the clip
5. Hold the hair and clip so that you can see the opening in the clip
6. Feed the feathers through the opening in the clip. Be sure to have the ends in so that the clip will hold them
7. With pliers, cramp down on the clip tight until the clip is flat and holds the feathers and hair together
8. To take off: Squeeze the clip the opposite way. It will break off. (Clips not recommended for reuse)
I didn't have to follow these directions since I have worked with micro beads before, I know it sounds a tad bit confusing just reading it here but it really isn't, it may take you a try or 2 to get it tight enough or to get placement right but you will get the hang of it! Generally extensions like this last 6-8 weeks in your hair before you have to un-clamp it and change the clip.

The results? I think these are a definite must have for anyone who love to add statement pieces too their hair, change their color often, or are just looking for an extra bit of hair flare without the damage of coloring it! So drop by and see Meg & get your great extentions at !

Any questions? Don't hesistate to leave a comment!



the ones that are in my hair-1 pink/black, 2 white/black, 1white & 1 grey.

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  1. These are very popular. I would love to see how they look in your hair.