Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty - Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn Collenction

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Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty - Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn collection

I was recently sent a sample set of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn collection from Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty, each color is inspired by a female from the series. And being the Twilight Addict that I am, I was over joyed to receive this! (My sister, who hasn't read the books, asked who Reneseme was & why there was a Bella Cullen. My lips are sealed!)

As always Arielle, the owner, did not disappoint with her packaging. She packages each clam shell in it's own small plastic baggie with a sticker of the collection logo on the front, and a sticker with the name of the color and ingredients on the back.

(I had taken a picture of this but my laptop crashed and I lost them all. And I have since taken the stickers off the baggies and placed them on both sides of each clamshell)

All colors are extremely sparkly, and beautiful. It looks like diamonds on your lids. They are all super pigmented, super blendable, and smooth.

Included in this collection are:

Skin of a Killer- An extremely sparkly all over dusting powder, that will have you looking like a Cullen as soon as you hit the sunlight.

Renesmee- Bubblegum pink with loads of silver glitter (not vegan)

Esme- A gorgeous burgundy packed with gold glitter
(way more burgundy than picture is showing)

Rosalie- A beautiful shimmering white with loads of gold and silver glitter

Alice- Super pretty blue based purple, loaded with silver glitter (not vegan)

Bella Swan- A nice medium baby blue with silver glitter

Bella Cullen- A super sexy matte black, packed with red glitter


Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Collection

Full size set- $30 us ($29.68 cdn) for six 5 gram jars

Sample set- $5 us ($4.95 cdn) for six clamshells with 1/4 tsp of product

Skin Of A Killer- $6.95 us ($6.88 cdn) for a 30 gram rotation sifter jar (6 tsp of product)

Individual colors- $5.95 us ($5.89 cdn) for 5 gram jar (1 tsp product)

You can find Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty:

artfire shop-



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